Unrequited Love- Elixir of her life…

A/N- This thing is pure imagination any relevance of one’s personal life to the story is sheer coincidence and maybe you could thank me for writing it up for the world to read and being passed on to that one person in your life who hasn’t got a hint about your feelings.

Happy Reading folks! 

As the alarm gets snoozed for the umpteenth time,  the red eyes look into the mirror in front, yet another sleepless night. This has been her daily routine since she was 19. She never really cared to sleep, be it the Summer or Winter nights. In the race of leaving her friends behind her, she never realized how far she has come, away from her parents, away from her friends,  away from her one true love.

Ana, a girl of nineteen kept struggling with her own self for she was tired of being the ideal daughter,  tired of being looked at for defining the first born.  To the world she was the best one could wish for but nobody knew the Ana who died every time someone praised her for being someone she wasn’t. From being the darling daughter to the world’s best friend only the nights knew what she hid from the world. Right from the beginning, she was always expected to be bound by a set of rules set by her parents but how dearly she wanted to escape and leap over the boundaries was unknown to all. No one knew that the little girl too had a heart which begged for a little freedom with every beat. No one knew that even that little heart knew how to love,  love someone so deeply to let it go.

Falling in love with Ayan was the best thing that ever happened to her, which gave her the hope that maybe one day I will speak my heart out.  She never realized how much she liked him until she watched him fall for someone else. He never left her mind and she never crossed his.

Busied by her daily chores,  studies, in the race to prove her parents and society of her worthiness that love was buried somewhere deep in her heart. Yet one day when he knocked the door of her house. She saw him standing in front of her house from the window. Her heart skipped a bit with every step she took when finally she started leaping 3 steps at a time, gasping for breath she came to the door and opened it with a hearty smile, one she had lost in a long time. He came forward and hugged her, she pinched herself just to confirm she wasn’t dreaming.

He turned around and handed her a card, checking what’s within, her smile from meeting her long lost love turned to one filled with pain. It was his wedding card. She looked on as he left,  it had been over a decade after which she saw him and was perhaps the last time. Feelings of the past love came to her in a flash and passed by as a whooshing train.

Last night she celebrated her 60th birthday. Friends, colleagues all had gathered but her eyes searched for one man.As a daily routine, she went to the park the next morning for a walk where she met him again and this time with his wife.  He had aged a lot over the past 30 years but her love for him was as fresh as it was when she was 19.

People say problems can be fixed but unrequited love is a tragedy. But only she was able to turn this tragedy into the elixir of her life for the past 41 years and for the years yet to come.

-Smaranika Dash





25 thoughts on “Unrequited Love- Elixir of her life…

  1. Indeed..the story is too good for present generation scenario…..nd the entire body of it showing the sparkling performance with loads of nice thoughts, lovable words arrangement, sprinkling of soothy love nd depict the robust of a true relationship….nd the ending saying one thing very true in life don’t wait for the right time take time nd make it prove….really i am very appreciated…..keep writing….god bless u…smaranika….

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  2. One sided love stories mostly end in tragedy.. But the way she has been loving him all these years from a distance is so heart warming.. May b if they got togather her love for him might have reduced/say it would hav become a normal love story.. But she chose to keep her story unique.. Usually when we get something/someone easily,our interest and zeal in that thing/person starts reducing eventually.. But if the same thing is achieved after a long struggle and hardwork then the happiness of such achievement feels different from normal and our interest/zeal in that never loses.. It really made me happy to know that she still kept the fire of her love for him ablaze in her heart even after so many years, and even after he unknowingly broke her heart into innumerable pieces..only a woman can do that..well am not being a feminist though but its a fact.. Your first piece of blog is nice nipa 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Honey Nani. Am glad you liked it. One feels good when their work is appreciated and more importantly when the reader feels and understands the emotions of the characters. Thank you so much.
      ~ Hufflepuff(dash)

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