A piece of mind and love for Two .

Sometimes I wonder is it possible to be in love with two people simultaneously!! Is it possible to share your heart with two different people. Then I go on thinking, thinking of people I know, thinking of stories I have read , thinking of movies I have watched. When some of them say yeah! U can; some of them totally discard the idea of it. Some say “In life u have have to find the missing piece of puzzle that would complete it”. well what if two pieces are missing!?? Can’t it be a possibility. Some say ” the person who understands u the best is the right person to fall in love with”. But many a times no one understands me. N sometimes more than one people understand me. So in that case what to do!! Being a realistic girl(self proclaimed) I think it depends upon your conversational and expressional skill to make people understand you. Then again sometimes I do foolish things like I mislead people, knowingly , to see if they could decode my poly or not!! And sometimes I act childish, hidding my feelings and expecting some one to unearth them. I mean, come on!! People are not mind readers. Their behavior, expectancy all depends upon the way they know us. So how can one understand me when I let him know the only half of me. 

Admit it or not. We all are grey. None of is shadeless. But we want all to view us in a monochrome. Create a image of us that basically is only the image of a fraction of us. Even if someone shows his shades that’s because of his fear of consequences or due to some weakness of his. But even in the shades the crave for love doesn’t get intermixed with the shadows of past. 

So!! Why that crave !? And when there is love from two people then what’s irrational in it. The answer is conscinece and satisification. We being humans, all we want to is to be understood. We live in a hypothetical land of fairytales that lead us to believe that someone out there is taking breaths only coz of us. We take pride in that. We don’t expect everyone to understand us, the expectations come from a person who has been close to us. There is nothing like “the heart” and “the brain”. The heart is the mixture of all the moral values,beliefs ,some blood and hormones . While “the brain” is a suspension where the logics,recent facts, experiences are suspended in the ocean of ages of education we have received. And the conflict between the brain and the heart is actually the struggle between the age old believes and the recent facts. When someone suits to either of these two and we feel the reason behind their closeness is out of general circumstances we name it as an”out of the world feeling-Love”. Now coming back to the point , is it possible for a person to be in love with two people simultaneously!!!? I would say yes. Don’t agree!! Ask yourself don’t u love both of your parents!! . Yeah yeah I know that’s a different kind of love. NO! Thats not a different kind of love. There is nothing like “kinds of love”. It’s just that we know there would be no problem loving both of them simultaneously. But when it comes to love someone out of your circle the problems arises. We are scared that we can’t satisfy them . We feel guilty. Coz we know these two people are not perfect mismatch. We know we can’t handle two lives at a time. But what if we figure out a way to!! But it would be infidelity. It all comes back to the vows. The promises and the conscinece. So here we are again! Why Love can happen twice but not simultaneously. 

That’s not all my views. But yeah a part of it. It keeps changing though. Thank you for reading.



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  1. Kadambini Jena says:

    Best lines read ever ! Actually der is nothing lyk kinds of love !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. amorentia says:

      Thanks 🎭


  2. Meghna jena says:

    πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘…….. Just as beautiful as expected in the first sight

    Liked by 1 person

    1. amorentia says:

      Thanks for believing in.


  3. amorentia says:

    Fine piece and fine read. Brain and heart, age old practices and what one experiences in real life, cool comparison.


    1. amorentia says:

      Thanks mate 🎭


  4. amorentia says:

    Before anyone else thinks you are in awe with your own writing.. The comment above and this is by Hufflepuff (dash)


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