Letter to Gregory House. 

A/N- Dear readers, am sure most of you have not watched [H]ouse MD. It was a very, very famous TV series a couple of years back, five to be precise. Hugh Laurie played the protagonist and no one else could have done justice to the character. It has shaped various lives and one such is mine. It made me realize the value of life and several others. The final episode of HOUSE aired some five years back but the aura of the show still has many viewers hooked and captivated.
This is a small tribute to House in form of an open letter to Greg. All this is my own content, however, some are [H]ousespired and the use of any kind of abusive words is not meant to hurt the feelings of the readers. And yes, Hugh Laurie wasn’t harmed in writing this piece. We love Hugh a lot!


Dear Greg,
So here it is. Not that you really show that you need this but trust me I can sense you smirk and raise an eyebrow as you ready yourself to read this letter.
You can save the energy of racing your gray cells at the speed of light (which technically you can’t), you read the envelope and it says from anonymous but it also freaks you out and you really want to know who I am. So without much ado, I am a FAN. You have loads of them and there’s this possibility that your house is full of the fan mails, let alone from the patients you have saved. There’s so much to ask and talk but let’s talk about your eyes. There’s something about your eyes, those blue ocean deep eyes. They sparkle differently, there’s this sapphire luster radiating when you get a mind-numbing case! The soft sparkle when you used to see Lisa every day at the hospital and you two did really hit it off, oh come on, I know whatever happened didn’t end well while it should have but get over it, though am confident the “Moving On” thing should have been pretty much the same except for racing the car into her HOUSE. See you play equally well as a noun and not to forget the childish one when you hear someone say porn!

By the way, how’s your love? No it’s not about WILSON, it’s about those tiny capsules you took on a daily basis, the very reason which awakened your feelings for CUDDY and the reason she left you. It’s weird what a tiny thing like VICODIN could do, let alone humans! Convey my regards to your boyfriend, you might have pulled up a thousand stunts to get rid of him but he’s like a boomerang, he returns to you. Because he knows YOU need him more than HE needs you. Am pretty sure you still make some really beautiful girls think he’s gay so that you can get under their pants but you continue to fail in doing so.
Lastly, I hope your leg pains really well and you are coping, dealing with the pain without the Vicodin. It has been five years now, long since you are gone. I miss you and so do a million others. I am still looking for the land where you vanished leaving the rest of us in tears!
I can proudly declare myself “psychotic” as soon as you reply to this letter. I know you cannot turn water into wine but you have and am pretty sure you are still saving lives in all possible ways, you can. And here I quote directly, “Everybody Lies, the only variable is about what”, so you may mark some of my comments to be true, even if they aren’t.
Someone who truly misses Vindaloo curry.

– Smaranika Dash


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Priyadarshini Das says:

    You know a writer is born when you can write anything or everything on any damn topic in this world.. Kudos Dash!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Alpha says:

    You are an amazing writer. It reflects in every sentence you wrote. Waiting for your next masterpiece. 💕


  3. Too much of love for the character. A true fan on a serious note.❤ Loved it

    Liked by 1 person

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