Just Another Phase…

But you will be treasured for life.

A/N – This is for all the people out there who have had either, numerous people to crush for or just one. Every single person goes through these feelings, sometimes it is lost, sometimes we are lost but all we keep with ourselves is memories.
And if it resembles any of your phases of lives it’s just a coincidence, this isn’t intended to hurt or showcase anyone’s personal feeling .

Happy Reading folks!

Waking up every morning, before rubbing my eyes open to the little notes of musings stuck on the wall of my room, I think and hope of meeting you and brightening my day manifolds.

With eyes closed I think of the encounter we had the day before. No exchange of words, no smiles passed, no tales attached either. Just a glance of you working as I walk past your workspace. That’s where everything started, started in my world to which you will remain forever oblivious.

Watching you engrossed in your work was the first thing I was hooked to in this place unknown.

One place, one crush.

This norm of mine didn’t even seek the need to be reminded of. In this crowd, the only face which made sense and I looked forward to was yours.

People fall for people who were meant to be just attractions.

I didn’t.

I didn’t fall for you, because I knew that the pure heart of yours had already got someone to nurture and love. All you meant to me was the light in the times of dark.

A single mention of your name, one look at your face and the bad day was already running for a cover.

There have been days when I have run errands just to have one glance of your hair, your hand, even your shirt. But it’s funny how in the times of crisis I never got to see you but again you have arrived during moments I least expected.

Years passed, more like in a blink of an eye, but now as this phase of life comes to a closure besides several other memories you and your workspace will turn into memories too.

There won’t be the same me zooming in and out of your work place looking for you. Tagging my friends along just to ensure I don’t get caught red handed looking and drooling over you.

There won’t be the same me getting teased in your name as I disclose “the name” to my friends. There won’t be the same me scrolling through the pictures of your good old days.

But one thing will remain unchanged, you will still be the light to my dark days. You are still going to be the reason for my laughter and smile when I will look back and search for the best of memories.

You will still be around but I will be long gone.

Gone to a different place and following the norm getting a new someone to crush for

… but you will be treasured for life.

~ Smaranika Dash


A/N- This thing is pure imagination any relevance of one’s personal life to the story is sheer coincidence and maybe you could thank me for writing it up for the world to read.

Happy Reading folks! 


Sitting by the window she watched the sky grow dark as the nimbuses gathered. The soft pitter-patter of the rain was audible as the drops fell on the leaves, beautifying it with every drop. As a drop raced down the windowpane, she smiled to herself and hurried to her shelf.

Sarah picked up the hardcover at the end of the shelf, dusted it and returned to sit by the window. She crossed her legs, ran her hand across the cover of the photo album, “Alma de la casa.” As she went through some of the pictures one particular photo held her attention, that was the last photo of them clicked together and below “Amigos Para Siempre” was scribbled.

A thousand thoughts and memories shuffled through her brain and arrested on the day when he held her hand and they just walked around because that was the only thing she loved which slowly transformed to the first time she went on a bike ride with him, he tried to maintain the speed limit as he was asked to but looking at her sullen face he pushed the limits and let her experience how it feels to talk to the wind. From their fights on who will get the bigger slice of pizza to her apologizing him for pulling his hair and hitting him in the process, to the day when she got bored at social parties because her partner in crime was busy attending his, to him photo-bombing her graduation ceremony photos, to sneaking into the kitchen quietly and having a look at the fridge for any desserts left, to proudly celebrating his success, to hugging him for the last time before leaving for the airport and adjuring him not to leave, to bidding him the final adieu at the airport. How she wished for the time to stop right then and there, but alas! She looked on as he hurried in, how he didn’t even look back once because she knew if he did he will never be able to board the flight and travel to his dreamland.

As the chain of thoughts ended, tears rolled down her cheeks, wiping them away she muttered to herself “It will be the last time I see you guys, for a while now.” The rain had stopped and there was this broad daylight, sun peeking behind the skyscrapers. As the clock struck 2, she realized she was already fifteen minutes late and in the meantime, a  message pinged, “5 years have passed and here you are late as usual. Be quick. Waiting. :D” She collected the car keys and drove away.

The photo album smiled to itself, Sarah wasn’t the one who waited this long. He did his waiting 5 years of it, to fill him with the memories of Sarah and Lucas. The empty pockets in the album were a proof of his waiting but not anymore. Soon the 2016 pockets will get filled probably making up for the voids of the past five years. The album was rightfully named “Alma de la casa”, THE SOUL OF THE HOUSE. It contained all the memories and lifetime events of Sarah and Lucas. It was never HOME without them, those waves of laughter and those fights, cursing each other and yet apologizing if they were rude to one another. It was a long wait for a sister to meet the most special person in her life, her SUPERHE… oops, BROTHER. And the album patiently waited for the sibling duo to breathe in some soul to it.

PS- Before Lucas left for the airport he told Sarah,

“ You know how I always wanted to be a SUPERHERO but I realized being a BROTHER is even better than being a Superhero.”

~Smaranika Dash